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About Milton

Milton Jones is Out There. No, really out there and this time he hasn’t just forgotten his keys. He’s holding up the mirror of truth to society, and he can see right through it, which means its probably just a window. More...

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  • about 1 day agoI'm not saying I caused the pandemic but maybe if my tour show wasn't called Milton Impossible we could have done i…
  • about 2 days agoThink there should be an alternative dressage where the person has to dance to music while carrying the horse...


  • Aug26 Aug27 London Pleasance London, Islington *WARM UP SHOW* Tickets
  • Aug31 Carshalton The CryerArts Centre *WARM UP SHOW* Tickets
  • Sep01 Weston Super Mare Playhouse Theatre *rescheduled from 04/11/20* Tickets
  • Sep03 Torquay Princess Theatre *rescheduled from 16/04/21* Tickets

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© Milton Jones. All rights reserved.