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Milton Jones Live Dates

All tickets are valid for rescheduled dates, your ticket provider will be in touch – thanks for your understanding

2021/2022 TOUR

  • Sep01 Weston Super Mare Playhouse Theatre *rescheduled from 04/11/20* Tickets
  • Sep03 Torquay Princess Theatre *rescheduled from 16/04/21* Tickets
  • Sep06 Norwich Theatre Royal *rescheduled from 16/01/21* Tickets
  • Sep08 Exeter Corn Exchange *rescheduled from 24/02/21* Tickets
  • Sep09 Plymouth Pavilions *rescheduled from 17/04/21* Tickets
  • Sep10 Taunton Wellspring Leisure Centre *rescheduled from 15/04/21* Tickets
  • Sep12 Richmond Theatre *rescheduled from 21/02/21* Tickets
  • Sep15 Grimsby Auditorium *rescheduled from 07/03/21* Tickets
  • Sep16 Sheffield City Hall *rescheduled from 05/02/21* Tickets
  • Sep17 Scunthorpe Bath Halls *rescheduled from 04/03/21* Tickets
  • Sep18 Manchester Middleton Arena *rescheduled from 27/02/21* Tickets
  • Sep19 Crewe Lyceum *rescheduled from 13/03/21* Tickets
  • Sep21 Northampton The Derngate *rescheduled from 03/03/21* Tickets
  • Sep22 Bedford Corn Exchange *rescheduled from 25/04/21* Tickets
  • Sep24 Worthing Assembly *rescheduled from 10/02/21* Tickets
  • Sep25 Redhill Harlequin Theatre *rescheduled from 25/03/21* Tickets
  • Sep26 Bury St Edmunds Theatre Royal *rescheduled from 19/03/21* *ON SALE SOON*
  • Sep28 Southend Cliffs Pavilion *rescheduled from 23/02/21* Tickets
  • Sep30 Bournemouth Pavilion Theatres *rescheduled from 18/04/21* Tickets
  • Oct01 Southampton Guildhall *rescheduled from 13/02/21* Tickets
  • Oct02 Isle of Wight Shanklin Theatre *rescheduled from 25/02/21* Tickets
  • Oct05 Harrogate Theatre *rescheduled from 06/02/21* Tickets
  • Oct06 Hull City Hall *rescheduled from 12/03/21* Tickets
  • Oct08 Blackburn King George's Hall *rescheduled from 08/04/21* Tickets
  • Oct12 Shrewsbury Theatre Severn *rescheduled from 01/04/21* Tickets
  • Oct13 Leamington Spa Royal Spa Centre *rescheduled from 21/04/21* Tickets
  • Oct19 Middlesbrough Town Hall *rescheduled from 07/04/21* Tickets
  • Oct20 Newcastle Tyne Theatre *rescheduled from 05/03/21* Tickets
  • Oct21 Durham Gala *rescheduled from 04/02/21* Tickets
  • Oct24 Birmingham Alexandra Theatre *rescheduled from 01/03/21* Tickets
  • Oct26 Peterborough The Cresset *rescheduled from 26/10/20* Tickets
  • Oct27 Dunstable Grove Theatre *rescheduled from 31/03/21* Tickets
  • Oct28 Kings Lynn Corn Exchange *rescheduled from 10/03/21* Tickets
  • Oct30 Billingham Forum *rescheduled from 11/04/21* Tickets
  • Nov01 Epsom Playhouse *rescheduled from 11/02/21* Tickets
  • Nov02 Hayes Beck Theatre *rescheduled from 25/03/21* Tickets
  • Nov03 Portsmouth Guildhall *rescheduled from 27/03/21* Tickets
  • Nov05 Reading Hexagon Theatre *rescheduled from 23/04/21* Tickets
  • Nov06 Guildford G Live *rescheduled from 26/03/21* Tickets
  • Nov07 Richmond Theatre *rescheduled from 28/02/21* Tickets
  • Nov09 Telford Oakengates Theatre *rescheduled from 24/03/21* Tickets
  • Nov10 Corby Cube *rescheduled from 20/02/21* Tickets
  • Nov12 Grantham Grantham Meres *rescheduled from 06/03/21* Tickets
  • Nov14 Aylesbury Waterside *rescheduled from 14/03/21* Tickets
  • Nov16 Chatham Central Theatre *rescheduled from 22/04/21* Tickets
  • Nov17 Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall *rescheduled from 24/04/21* Tickets
  • Nov27 Crawley The Hawth *rescheduled from 26/02/21* Tickets
  • Nov30 Isle of Man Villa Marine *rescheduled from 10/10/20* Tickets
  • Feb01 Lytham St Annes Lowther Pavilion *rescheduled from 31/05/21* Tickets
  • Feb03 Margate Winter Gardens *rescheduled from 12/05/21* Tickets
  • Feb04 Bexhill De La Warr Pavilion *rescheduled from 16/05/21* Tickets
  • Feb08 Lancaster The Grand *rescheduled from 24/05/21* Tickets
  • Feb09 Barrow in Furness The Forum *rescheduled from 23/05/21* Tickets
  • Feb10 Stockport Plaza *rescheduled from 14/05/21* Tickets
  • Feb11 Newark Palace Theatre *rescheduled from 28/05/21* Tickets
  • Feb12 Salford The Lowry Tickets
  • Feb15 Aberdeen Music Hall *rescheduled from 07/05/21* Tickets
  • Feb16 Glasgow Pavilion Theatre *rescheduled from 06/05/21* Tickets
  • Feb17 Edinburgh Queen's Hall Tickets
  • Feb18 Walsall A3 Arena - Forest Arts Centre *rescheduled from 29/05/21* Tickets
  • Feb19 London Shepherd's Bush *rescheduled from 26/05/21* Tickets
  • Feb22 Yeovil Westlands Tickets
  • Feb23 Weymouth Pavilion Theatre *rescheduled from 21/05/21* Tickets
  • Feb24 Trowbridge Civic Theatre *rescheduled from 20/05/21* ***ON SALE SOON***
  • Feb26 Chesterfield Winding Wheel *rescheduled from 15/05/21* Tickets
  • Feb27 Liverpool Auditorium *rescheduled from 30/05/21* ***ON SALE SOON***
  • Mar01 Dublin Olympia Theatre Tickets
  • Mar02 Cork Opera House Tickets
  • Mar03 Galway Town Hall Theatre Tickets
  • Mar04 Belfast Ulster Hall Tickets
  • Mar05 Derry Millennium Forum Tickets
  • May20 Coventry Warwick Arts Centre Tickets

About Milton

Milton Jones is Out There. No, really out there and this time he hasn’t just forgotten his keys. He’s holding up the mirror of truth to society, and he can see right through it, which means its probably just a window. More...

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  • about 4 days agoHang on, we don't know that the dinosaurs had any flesh. We only have evidence of bones.
  • about 4 days agomaybe if someone was offered money to lobby for an independent enquiry...


  • Sep01 Weston Super Mare Playhouse Theatre *rescheduled from 04/11/20* Tickets
  • Sep03 Torquay Princess Theatre *rescheduled from 16/04/21* Tickets
  • Sep06 Norwich Theatre Royal *rescheduled from 16/01/21* Tickets
  • Sep08 Exeter Corn Exchange *rescheduled from 24/02/21* Tickets

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© Milton Jones. All rights reserved.